Tanja is a German graphic designer who focuses on conceptual projects, branding, printed matter and identities.
Masterthesis: Make Me Crowd —


»Make Me Crowd« is first and foremost a self-experiment that deals with the creativity technique of crowdsourcing. An anonymous and non-specialist crowd (via a crowdworking platform) was involved in a design process.

The goal of the crowdsourcing method is to increase creativity through a multitude of additional stimuli and impressions as well as a break in previously existing thought patterns. This is achieved through the inclusion of many different opinions, solutions and ideas that have developed people with different, socio-demographic and personal characteristics.

To prove our theory, Melanie and I worked with Crowdworker to create a branding for Sauerkraut. We wrote and designed the book »Make Me Crowd«, which contains a theoretical part and the graphical results of our experiment.


Werkschau WS17 —


If you are looking for the University of Applied Sciences in Constance you only have to go downstream and then left.

Every semester, volunteer students create a new visual identity for the showcase of our degree program. This semester, everything was in flux. We created a catalog, in different colors and cut-out envelopes. In addition to the catalog, we designed a web and social media presence, animations and printed goods such as posters, stickers, and beer mats.

With: Manuel Fleig, Maren Rommerskirchen, Michael Reiner,

Werkschau WS17 — Opening


In addition to the print products that we designed for the showcase of our degree (Paul and Gretel), we created an opener for the kick-off of the event.

With: Manuel Fleig, Maren Rommerskirchen, Michael Reiner,

Eines Nachts —


»Eines Nachts« is a German newcomer band from Constance. Their style of music is somewhere between »Element of Crime« and »Drangsal«.

For their brand I created a typo logo that is both serious and a bit extravagant. »Eines Nachts« means one night and is the beginning of a story. A story that can be passed on when different lines of songs are added, such as: Eines Nachts, eine ganze Kindheit / One night, a whole childhood.


Werkschau WS16 —


At the end of each semester our faculty opens a three day long exhibition, showcasing everything that happened in the prior months. We created a visual identity for the graduation show including a web presence, animations, graduate videos and a host of printed goods: a catalogue, invitations, posters, stickers and silkscreen printed certificates.

With: Fabian Huber, Florian Ortlieb,

Werkschau WS16 — Opening


In addition to the print products that we designed for the exhibition, we created an opener for the kick-off of the event.

With: Fabian Huber,

Florian Ortlieb, Jean Böhm,

Caro & Nina —


Of course, sometimes you are asked by your family and friends for some design favors. And sometimes it can be quite stressful. But not this time.

For the wedding invitation of my best friend, we used a simple typographic design, which stores all the information you need on a silver-printed DinA5 card and a small business card.

It was an honor to design your wedding invitations, Caro & Nina. I wish you all the best. 😊

Campuls —


Campuls is a low-budget magazin from students for students and is published twice a semester. At Campuls, students write about the topics that move them around campus, study and life in Constance.

In 2017, together with my fellow student Johannes Zimmerer, I developed the redesign of the Magazine as well as the design of three Issues + short animations for social media.

We opted for a loud design, with bright colors and 3D illustrations to give the magazine a stage in everyday university life.


Landkreis Konstanz macht Schule —


The German school system can be extremely complex. While there are great opportunities, such as the opportunity for each child, adolescent, and adult to continue their education, these many options can be confusing and daunting, especially if German is not the first language.

Together with the Department of Education of the City of Constance, I developed a low-budget folder that combines the school system from primary school to school-work transition. The folder »Konstanz macht Schule« is available in 7 different languages: English, Russian, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, French and Italian.

Digitale Plattformen —


The »Independent Study« offers students the chance to scientifically work on a topic of their choice. In our case, we worked on digital platforms, how they work, the multi-page market, network effects, outsourcing, and open source. Topics that surrounds us every day, but that we often can't grasp in its complexity.

In addition to the written part, we created a categorization of digital platforms.


Sarcastic Freework about DIY —


This sarcastic work emerged when the DIY trend had taken on a bizarre status rather than being used logically, self-critically and environmentally consciously.

In principle, DIY fulfills therapeutic purposes rather than economic ones. It is not necessarily cheaper to knit socks or cook soap, not to mention the time spent on it. Rather, it satisfies the self-realization claim. From can closures, earrings, bottle vases, pants bags ... in short, garbage becomes even more garbage!

(2019) Currently working at nodesign, Essen

(2018) Communication Design M.A. HTWG Constance

(2016) Communication Design B.A. HTWG Constance

(2014) 5 month internship at Seite Zwei, Vienna

(2013) 4 month internship at Amen Gestaltung, Munich

(2011)  State-accredited Graphicdesign Education, Ulm


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